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Hypnotherapy is a tool for change and transformation. It will enable you to shift your perception, your thoughts, your ideas and even your belief system about something you are stuck on or that you need to change.

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how hypnotherapy works

A key to getting out of your own way, to experience rapid transformation is to experience a Past Life Regression session. You don’t realize it yet, but in the next two minutes you’re going to learn how a very unique technique developed by Dolores Cannon can help you, make that shift you need to change your life. Now there are many unique approaches to regression and hypnosis and I have studied many of them. For me one technique stands out the most is Dolores Cannon’s Method, of past life regression called, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®. As an Advanced Clinical Pratictioner, I can understand that some people prefer the spiritual approach, which allows them to transcend ordinary consciousness to a multidimensional perspective communicating with guides, higher selves and the subconscious mind, thereby accessing the soul records to get to the root of the issue. This process is uniquely placed for those people who understand that they are multidimensional being. Although some people desire to resolve their challenges using the traditional clinical hypnotherapeutic approach, which is based of Freud and Jung and other pioneers such as: Dave Ellman and Dr Richard Bandler.

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Malvia Kenlock

My work is about transforming lives from the inside out, this means going beyond micro management issues to create an opportunity for an inner shift towards connecting to your true nature. This process automatically leads to closure and or a release of negative self-perception. The years spent in personal research and Development to self-transform, has enabled my talents skills and abilities for healing. I have assisted numerous people from all walks of life, helping them tap into the unlimited resources of the subconscious mind with self-empowering results on a multi-dimensional level.

Our life is designed to heal energies that remain unresolved from the past of self and others when we fail to address these healing opportunities, they become like burdens upon the soul energies, the soul then seeks to transmute these lower energies, through crisis and prompt us to get the help of higher understanding. As a hypnotherapist, my experience of healing false belief such as: “ I will never be happy.” Or “I will never be able to experience love.” Is a major part of my work of helping clients to make the shift of upgrading old belief system that no longer serves them. Please remember our lives are chapters in the book of the soul. This life maybe Episode: 3 of 7, in the lesson of self-love. Where are you?

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