Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Upgrade Your Pain And Flow Like A River

[html ]We are co-creators of own destiny even before we adorned this garment of flesh and bones we call the body. Our Soul offers opportunities for growth to evolve old energies by communicating with us through intuitive feelings, trust these feelings they are messages in the moment you feel them. You are here on earth to heal and make a contribution to humanity with your Christ energy. This energy is often awakened through a personal crisis. If you allow the energy of the crisis to purge you will upgrade stagnant consciousness and shift to a more fluid consciousness.

A large majority of our pain in this life is a result of inner blockages that lay dormant in the psychic space of the psyche because the pain has not been processed in this life or eliminated in previous lives. This collection of frozen energy, negative intergenerational patterns, and fragmented the soul essence. Petrifies into hardened psychic mass. The condensation of this fluid energy causes paralysis of the life force, where it is transformed into destructive non-life force. The energies can be transmuted back to the light of understanding its natural state of fluidity. Wouldn’t you prefer to flow like a river?

Our life is designed to heal energies that remain unresolved from the past of self and others when we fail to address these healing opportunities, they become like burdens upon the soul energies, the soul then seeks to transmute these lower energies, through crisis and prompt us to get the help of higher understanding.

As a hypnotherapist, my experience of healing false belief such as: “ I will never be happy.” Or  “I will never be able to experience love.”  Is a major part of my work of helping clients to make the shift of upgrading old belief system that no longer serves them. Please remember our lives are chapters in the book of the soul.  This life maybe Episode: 3 of 7, in the lesson of self-love. Where are you?[/html]

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