Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Denial Vs Responsibility

When a person starts to take responsibility regarding their behavior that adversely affects their happiness or unhappiness. They start a karmic chain reaction to empower their lives.  The one single selfless action of taking responsibility gives out a ripple effect to the person’s entire inner circle whether it is family relatives or friends and their environment.

Let’s be clear here, we are talking about actions that do not serve you in a helpful way. Some behaviors that have become such a part of who we are, we cannot separate the behaviors from ourselves, even though they hurt us and often keep us blind and imprisoned in a hell of our own design.

The reason for this blindness or personal denial is often to do with being comfortable with the behavior, and in some way that it is associated power, so the drive to keep you acting that change continues. Introspective reflection only occurs if the behavior is no longer pleasant. Even though people may tell you about it this behavior, your reaction is to justify it so that you can stay married to that idea of yourself. As you have probably guessed we are talking about denial. The initial non- action has allowed denial to grow from, (I will be using the analogy of a tree) a small weed, to a fully-grown shrub in your garden of thoughts and behaviors.

By the time, you have allowed denial cause discomfort. It’s a fully-grown tree that towers over you, casting a shadow over your experience. Like a tree blocking your nice window view from your luxury apartment.

Furthermore, when you look out your window you have to bend your neck the right, to look out from around the tree. This causes a pain in the neck reaction. Now you have to find a chemist to find a to get medication, the pain persists now your body is out of alignment so you go to the doctor he prescribes a stronger painkiller and over time you become addicted.

This is just an illustration of how layers of the issue can build up over time. Hypnotherapy can work at the grassroots and the undergrounds roots of the tree, revisit the shrub and large overshadowing tree.

What kind does your inner garden look like?

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