Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Pre-Session Mindfulness

The research of a practitioner suited to our needs can be challenging: let’s start with a question: do we really know what we are looking for?

The first time I had to pick a therapist was more than twenty years ago, it felt like an epic journey! And, when – finally – I found ‘the one’ I had to be open enough to share my story, the good bad and ugly with enthusiasm. I remember the pressure of all the steps: the research, the first call, the booking and feeling in the session of being understood.

I survived my very first session, I actually listened to my story; it had a profound effect on myself.For the first time, I felt separated from the story, I was the storyteller from the present, not the past and I witnessed practitioner witnessing the story through her reactions, commenting on my resilient moments. I was able to see a varied viewpoint of the story, which was different from the past, and changing in the present moment, this multidimensional effect of my story shifting, made me realise, I wasn’t stuck to the story. I had grown up and matured in my outlook.

My second experience with a therapist happened when I moved into another state, my therapist at that time had a strong character and was spending most of the time telling me off and making me feel worse than what I was. I lived through the session. And promptly vowed never to go back to her.

Recently, I went to a talk in London, where a very knowledgeable lady was helping small business people have a better understanding of the customer journey. “If the process is helpful in its design, the process can improve the client experience”. This made me think – Did the therapist no. 2 made my journey memorable? Did the therapist no.2 made my journey easy? All sorts of question were whizzing around in my head.

I put all my thoughts together and I created a checklist that can support your research. Let’s start with my mantra: “Trust your own ability to feedback to yourself” Before you decide to look for help be mindful of your energies.

Do you feel, light, happy depressed sad hopeful, relaxed lighter and brighter? Once you have identified the feelings see how it shifts as you are taking action and move through the stages, of connecting with the right practitioner for you. What is coming up about you in your research?

What type of healing suits you?

  • Bodywork (kinesiology, massage)
  • Energy work (Reiki, Remote healing)
  • Using the mind. (Hypnosis hypnotherapy, Past Life)
  • Talking Therapies (Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy)

Click here to read overview of modalities: http://www.vitalitylink.com/modalities

  • Trust your gut: looking over website for information of the practitioner, be guided by your intuition and feelings. What energy can you feel from the practitioners website? Read testimonials on their website: are you trusting your instincts?
  • Word of mouth (and referrals) is an excellent way of being able to connect with a practitioner. We are all humans, and we trust our friends: a recommendation from a friend it is always a good starting point. If you feel like asking practitioner questions, give them a call. Most practitioners are happy to answers questions you might have.
  • Speaking to the practitioner over the phone (Free consultation)
  • Trust your practitioner, tell them how do you feel and what happened.
  • Is the practitioner listening to you or talking too much? Again, trust your gut.
  • Do you feel the practitioner has a general understanding of your issue?
  • What do I need to bring to the session?
  • How long is the session?
  • What is the cost of the session?
  • What information would you need from myself prior to booking?
  • Professional associations? (should be displayed on website)
  • Have you ever worked through a similar issue with a client?
  • How long have you been working in this field?
  • The Appointment Made
  • How do you feel after the conversation and booking?
  • Do you feel hopeful or excited? Or scared?
  • What issues are coming up as a result of booking the session? (Make a list and bring it to the session)
  • The night before the session, how are you feeling?
  • Appointment Time – Leaving Home.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Be mindful of how you feeling : how has it changed since the booking?
  • Session Time
  • Do you feel you have fully explained the relevant story that concerns you?
  • Basic understanding of how the session will proceed? Has the practitioner explained to you how the session works?
  • Enjoy the session
  • Overview of session
  • Both client and practitioner talk about session. Is this happening?
  • Is an audio recording available?
  • Both client and practitioner feel satisfied of the work done.
  • Moving forward based on result of session – what’s the plan?
  • Post-session: Integration of the changes
  • Those who are in receipt of healing usually have a good night sleep and wake up relaxed. Are you relaxed the morning after?
  • How do you feel after a couple of days after the session?
  • Staying positive and mindful in your perceptions and reactions will help your inner being to process more rapidly.

Good Luck and Blessings.

It’s a milestone achievement in some cases as the information that comes through the session is a new discovery.




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