Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Origins of Health Issue

Michael was a senior executive, who was losing his hair and feeling drained by his life. After trying everything that he could have thought of to get to the root of the problem, he did not have any luck and he felt terrible like never before.
Michael’s body during a kinesiology session, instructed him to have past life therapy to deal with his problems.

This is how I met Micheal. During his session, we were taken to the source of the problematic life that caused memories to replay in the subconscious mind. We had to ascertain why was still holding on to these lives.
In the first past life, he was a young man living in a castle with his parents where he loved living a detached from life. He seemed to prefer not to make friends and to live in his own world. He only cared about himself. We found out that the young man wished he hadn’t isolated himself so much in that life; he had regrets. The session gave the opportunity to process and resolve the thinking behind the action, so that Michael could move on in this timeline.

The second life we explored was more tense. Michael was in charge of a mineral resource on a planet(this sentence doesn’t make sense). It was a stressful job for Michael as he was in charge of all aspects of the production: selecting the rocks, preparing, crushing, extracting… All of this, only with the help of machinery. Although the lesson in that life was learned, the stress associated with that life was still active in the background of his soul’s mind.

Themes covered in Michael session:

  • Body scan.
  • Review two past lives.
  • Cut spiritual chords and attachments
  • Resolve the inner conflict with young man.
  • Process stuck feelings from planet.
  • Hon’oponopono forgiveness prayer.

Talking through the issue we were able to shift the energy that had been unprocessed. Micheal subconscious revealed that the life where he was extracting minerals so was traumatizing the experience was etched in his soul although he had completed the lesson and could move on from that place. we did some soul work. then ended the session.

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