Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Going back to the root cause

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to access the root causes of a problem. Why? Because this therapeutic process works with the intention to resolve repressed emotions trapped in an experience that fuels the root cause issues. Hypnotherapy uses inquiry questions as tools to get answers to the “who, what, where, when why and how” Everything starts with the client explaining the historical influences that surrounded the situation. Once the client has described the circumstances where the issue arose, (such as performance anxiety to mention one) we then begin using regression and other tools and techniques. 


Exploring thoughts, attitudes and behaviour leading up to the performance anxiety is the first part of the process. The patterns that usually emerge may have links with negative feelings (shame, embarrassment, guilt or anger). This information is used as a departure point to explore where the feelings reside in the body; it may be located in the heart, throat chest, lungs or stomach. The client, then, describes where the feeling is located in the body, concentrating on the feeling for a moment (for example: is it a tightness, twisting burning, pulsing, pulling a twisting, as much detail as the client can give is useful). As we continue to explore, often we find out if the discomfort has a shape, colour or personality. Each step uncovers the layers of the buried cause. Current researches, tell us that talking about a problem only serves to reinforce the existing groove in the amygdala. This tells us that the script is known, what is important is a new script to move forward.


Comes then a time for the therapeutic work where hypnotic induction and deepener will place the client in the focused awareness where they can be regressed back to the first time they encountered the very same feelings. A dialogue with the part of the mind that can make powerful changes by accessing that information when the client is hypnotised. The initial direction I provide – for the subconscious mind – is bringing to the clients awareness the first circumstances when the first episode happened. Since the subconscious mind records everything from birth to death (and beyond) holding a vast repository of information about your past, present and future patterns in your life it is possible for both the therapist and the client to access the information needed.


Using the information of the discomfort located in the body, the subconscious mind guides us to the similar situation in the client’s childhood – perhaps at the age of 6 years old, where the opportunity to act in school performance seemed exciting. However, on performance day in character, the child froze and wanted to run away off the stage, creating laughed from the other children. The child is shamed in front of the whole school friend’s teachers and parents. This may be the main issue, or little episodes of the same issue even earlier than 6 years old perhaps at home.


Hypnotherapy is the bridge to re-create a different experience for the child, who is still suffering as an adult. The session is designed to give the child a voice, to connect to healing opportunities within the present moment, through the forgiveness work. By speaking to the part of the child who is still suffering, acknowledge the hurt feelings, speaking to the laughing friends and even playing the part how it should have been played with great artistry; those are the various themes we could pursue. Going back to the smaller episode – before the age of six – will release the adult from the compulsive need to live in the past. Thereby it frees the adult to live in the now with focused energy.

Hypnotherapy is able to move along the timeline of the historical influences and solve all by treating the whole person.

Is there something that you would like to resolve once and for all… give me a call.



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