Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Working Through Sub-personalities

A Soul is a traveler throughout eternity collecting experiences lessons to evolve, invariably there will be unfinished business to work through from other lives. These will show up as subpersonalities in the current life, of the personality, as the under-developed energy and aspect of self and needs the opportunity to resolve the past.

In some sessions some, it is the past subpersonality drives the current personality to the session to heal.  A Soul may have a few subpersonalities working with in one lifetime. Past life regression will invariably allow the subpersonalities’ energies fields to have their say, in resolving the energy imbalance.  The art of questioning is invaluable tool to help the past personality transform the psychodrama and bring it to the present moment. Offering the Soul a catharsis as the energies are reconceptualised and integrated.

            “Our shadow selves do not originate out of thin air. They are not just negative aspect that have appeared without reason but selves with histories and justifications for their behaviour…Dialoguing with them and sensing how they came to be makes it easier to understand and accept them.” W.Lucas PhD

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