Malvia has been using Hypnotherapy tools since 1995. In a lifelong fascination with the subjects of self-development, personal growth combined with a therapeutic component to her journey.

After graduating as a ‘Deep Emotional Release Body-worker’ in Florida and New York, where she lived at the time, she briefly set-up her practice. And worked with repressed emotions, it was those profound experiences led her to study a number of disciplines that would later build her foundational experience and drive her natural curiosity to help others.

Malvia’s passion was driven by her ability to enable individuals to apply their imaginations in a practical way to facilitate positive changes. Working with clients with either specific health/emotional issues, or general life imbalances, led her to focus on her specialism stress management.

Her work is about transforming lives from the inside out, this means going beyond micro management issues to create an opportunity for an inner shift towards connecting to your true nature. This process automatically leads to closure and or a release of negative self-perception. 

Process to
Inner peace

Process To Inner Peace is about unraveling layers of experience that no longer serves the individual in order to empower the relationship with self and the soul. Kenlock developed the process as a reflective tool to consciously reflect through her emotional journey. This process would ultimately reshape her challenging experiences to bring new understanding. Process To Inner Peace provides us with key questions, which unlock the wisdom within experiences, thereby transforming and empowering the individual. Kenlock shows us how to use the self-directed templates as a container to dump undesirable thoughts, ideas, feelings, and attitudes.