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Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, where the focus is to relax the mind in preparation for exploring personal issues; the hypnosis state is an inner absorption or focus. Many of us go in and out of hypnosis daily, for instance when you are watching a movie and you become absorbed with the characters and their role becomes believable and the outside world disappears, as you become more and more involved in the movie. In many instances you will show an emotional connection to the character. This is a form of hypnosis. Hypnosis can be applied to many challenges such as unwanted habit, a phobia, breaking patterns, or moving away from a position of feeling stuck in your life, hypnotherapy reinforces new behaviors that are more positive. Using regression techniques the client can be taken back to childhood pre-birth planning session or significant past live to resolve challenges. The benefits of working this way is that you experience a quality of relaxation you have never felt before together with a deep sense of wellbeing and calm. As if you been on a holiday. If you want to experience rapid change then (QHHT®) is for you call Now.

About Malvia

My work is about transforming lives from the inside out, this means going beyond micro management issues to create an opportunity for an inner shift towards connecting to your true nature. This process automatically leads to closure and or a release of negative self-perception. The years spent in personal research and Development to self-transform, has enabled my talents skills and abilities for healing. I have assisted numerous people from all walks of life, helping them tap into the unlimited resources of the subconscious mind with self-empowering results on a multi-dimensional level. 
In your session a special healing chemistry occurs, this provides what I call a psychic space for a new paradigm a seamless mesh that provides a safe place between the old you and the new you, where insights from your session deepen your self knowledge and appreciation of who you really are on this planet. Malvia, has a rich and diverse background in mental health and community advocacy, with two degrees. 
As a successful self-published author of "Process To Inner Peace", Malvia's pragmatic approach to therapeutic writing utilizes interpersonal questions to facilitate Self-exploration. As you read the pages more and more you begin to feel that you can help yourself, by the time you finish reading the book you will have learned how to breakthrough your personal blocks.  


process to inner peace

Process To Inner Peace is about unraveling layers of experience that no longer serves the individual in order to empower the relationship with self and the soul. Kenlock developed the process as a reflective tool to consciously reflect through her emotional journey. This process would ultimately reshape her challenging experiences to bring new understanding. Process To Inner Peace provides us with key questions, which unlock the wisdom within experiences, thereby transforming and empowering the individual. Kenlock shows us how to use the self-directed templates as a container to dump undesirable thoughts, ideas, feelings, and attitudes.

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