of Flying

Does Fear of flying keep you grounded in fear?

Its starts when you consider flying and as soon as you book the flight the subconscious runs the programme of the fear dread often manifesting as panic attack travelling to the airport. At the time of take off feelings has reached its height in discomfort. Fears of an irrational nature originate through inner panic building in the unconscious mind, then the subconscious runs those feelings as a programme because that the way you respond to the fear of losing control.

Client feedback

  • The freedom of traveling light, that’s all I can say, just three sessions of hypnotherapy, we discovered that the root cause was a child hood anxiety that I had been challenging it into flying because that was the best fit for the subconscious mind to replay those feelings.
    Two months after the session when I resumed my travelling I became. A Relaxed traveler from thinking about the trip,booking, departure and arrival. All the way through. I love aiports.
    The world is a playground I feel free.

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