Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

Once you are connected to your Higher-Self and or the Subconscious mind, the journey deepens as we navigate as a team, through your energy patterns and seek to resolve the imbalances.

Malvia, is a London based, international client recommended Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® practitioner certified by Dolores Cannon. Malvia is renowned for helping people overcome challenging circumstances. She has supported Dolores Cannon events in London in the past and continues to support her work. QHHT® is a sacred experience that allows you to experience an expanded awareness of who you really are. In a session you can discover why you chose the life you have lived, and create opportunities to heal, balance karma and release negative beliefs. 

Are you ready to experience the fascinating discovery that you are more than your current thinking?

A free 30-minute phone consultation is offered after which you can book your session and let the journey begin. You will definitely benefit as a client knowing intuitively that you have contacted the practitioner best suited to assist you. In the next step will be to arrive at your session in Clapham, south London where the practice is located. 

Through our talk we will reflect upon important events in your life that are connected to the issues you wish to work through. We will also review any questions you need answered. We will then begin the initial component of the technique, which is a guided induction facilitating a deeper relaxation to the appropriate life/lives that need to be explored for its connection to your current challenge to be established. Once connected to that information, your Higher Self and or the Subconscious mind, working as a team will navigate through your energy pattern seeking to resolve any imbalances. Here's what you'll discover, hypnosis is a casual but deep relaxation where you can review your subconscious records with a non-judgmental approach, resolving longstanding issues. On average a session can take three hours or longer.

  • Self-Healing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Grounding your energy
  • Practical self-guidance
  • Spiritual development
  • Discover your true purpose
  • Connect Guide/Ancestors
  • Connect with Soul group
Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. (Albert Einstein)
Your imagination is reality... literally the assumed truth most of us in science pursue now, it all starts inside the physical world is an illusion. (Richard Alan Miller, PhD)
To practice the ecology of the soul is to recycle one's consciousness. (Viduru Telemahandi)

Is Hypnosis Safe For Me?

Yes completely safe, it is an enjoyable state of focused awareness using relaxation techniques. Please see the video for an explanation:

What are the Higher Selves?

The Higher Selves are aspects of your self-existing in higher dimensions (5-13D) as a fully multi-conscious being. You exist as a guide, master teacher, Soul, and Over-soul to yourself, these aspects directly link you to the source or creation God, Goddess or Divine Creator. Your Higher Self is the part of you that link you to the part of your being that knows everything and will always share the information for your highest good in the session. For example, the Higher Self is the part of you that is on the mountain-top looking down into the valley where you are. Your perception will be is limited in the valley, while the position the higher self, knows the whole mountain range, the valley and the story of the steps you will take on your journey home to the mountain-top. Recalling The Session, you will be able to recall the session immediately afterward depending on the volume of information. Similar to a dream, it will eventually fade. To ensure that the to you a recording of the session is supplied This can be transferred to you via USB stick, which you supply, or it can be sent mail that enables up to 2G files to be sent

How to Prepare For Your Hypnosis Session

Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask the Higher Self, neatly written so they are readable. The questions should specifically about you.


Please limit your consumption of the following caffeine, alcohol or recreational drugs, as they dull the receptivity and connection to the higher realms.


    • Wear loose clothing, for your maximum comfort.
    • It is beneficial to create an intention for the session, to get the most out of the experience, you can simply go into meditation at home for a few minutes desiring to contact your Higher Self, this can be a very simple statement such as: “I am open to healing and I accept my gift of knowing, I am a clear and perfect channel in communication with the higher selves and guides in my session.”
    • Be rested before the session, it is beneficial to meditation in the morning before the session, perhaps go for a short walk or listen to some music.


Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask the Higher Self, most clients ask questions over a range of themes in their lives, such as, relationship, career, and health. Please see samples below:

    • What is the most important for me to realize and heal in this session? Am I on the right path? What can I do to improve my spiritual relationship with life?
    • What do I need to know to live in alignment with my life purpose this lifetime?
    • What did I incarnate to learn this lifetime?
    • What is my purpose?
    • How can I improve my relationship with a family member?
    • What is the pain, ill health, or disease teaching me?
    • What should I be doing as a job or career?

After Your Session

You will be deeply relaxed and fully alert, some clients feel very rested and calm as if they have been on a nice holiday feeling. After the session, we will briefly review information. It is beneficial to bring along with you a light snack or some water. Once you leave the sacred space of the session walk, to balance your energies take a walk in the park or hug a tree to ground yourself. For three days you will remain open to information from your higher self through synchronistic events, dreams, and moments of super clarity about your life. You will be able to recall the session immediately afterward depending on the volume of information. However, over time it will eventually fade like a dream. To ensure that the wisdom of the session is not forgotten a recording of the session is supplied. This can be transferred to you via USB stick, which you supply, or it can be sent mail that enables up to 2G files to be sent. Changes will take effect immediately, and take time to manifest on this plane depending on the individual. Those who attempt to analyse over think, the process and information of the session will find the changes not so apparent. Some clients still feel the benefits months later.