Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Healing Value of Hypnosis

When a client chooses hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention most perceive that they will be in a coma like state with no memory of what happened. In the pre-talk before the session, I will encounter all sorts of beliefs that surround hypnosis, which has little to do with hypnosis.

In stage hypnosis the hypnotist will select a highly compliant individuals suggesting they temporarily loose themselves in another character largely for entertainment purposes.Whilst clinical hypnosis is specifically designed to be therapeutic intervention that resolve conflicting parts of the personality providing an opportunity for the individual to experience homeostasis.

In order to explore hypnosis let take a look at some of the typical experiences that are quite common to hypnosis that provides the context. When we daydream we suspend our focus temporarily of the outside world and enter into the inner dimension of the imagination, we become unaware of sounds around us. We unable to hear the phone, or door bell ring. we are totally immersed with our attention focused inward.

Another way we experience hypnosis is whilst listening to music , maybe whilst driving or even listening to old albums from your teenage years may suddenly sparks your imagination with a flood of images and snapshots of the past feelings sentiments for a brief moment you are living your past. time travelling for some.  Hypnosis, utilising the brain’s unique ability for information gathering and  processing that is a natural part of our everyday lives.

To reach  the desired mental state  for hypnosis  partitioners  use of  language and keywords to assist automatic relaxation. The use of words in a slow pace facilitates in a deep relaxation this process is to establish comfort for the individual, then it becomes easier to access personal historical events that needs to heal. From this state of mind, traumatic events, phobias, can be explored locating their origins create a context for therapeutic change. Rewiring and rewriting the script resolving the emotional intensity the mind is able to accept beneficial changes is key.

The same set of rules apply to the future progression session creating a goal with associated positive feelings together with the a sensory input of that goal that is to be attained. For example in sports coaching a footballer to score goals, he will have to feel the sensory input of feeling the ball on his foot and hearing the crowd cheer, smelling the air rush past his face. The more you imagine the goal on all these levels consistently the likelihood that this will happen as the subconscious mind does not distinguish what is real or imagined.

Hypnosis is quick easy and powerful way to effect real change. At is most basic, it is a powerful stress-busting tool. For the more advanced levels of stress hypnosis can be used with in conjunction with powerful suggestions that rewires your thinking.

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