Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Inner child-directed

When your inner child directs a session, there is a deeper message. When you experience part of the message as a metaphor on the way to the session, you are in the right place at the right time for change.

Valeria was an artist, painter and sculptor a great visual artist, her passion for her art was lost, buried under grief of a separation and divorce of her parents at an early age. Valeria driven by her childhood passion for art, she remembered how she used to get up in the morning full of enthusiasm for life, wanting to create out of paper, lego, clothes anything she could transform. In fact her childhood dream was to be an artist. For sometime Valeria had been feeling lost de-motivated just ordinary; nothing inspired her. In our initial talk before the session, Valerie, talked about various other problems, and their historical influences she thought was the cause of de-motivated passion.

Whilst under hypnosis we slowly arrived at the core, working through the layers of unresolved feelings, which she as reluctant to talk about; at last it was revealed her longstanding grief about the parents divorce, had shut down her passion. She had been wrestling with her emotions for twenty six years. Valeria hid her disappointment about the divorce, trying to be strong for the family but inside she was broken-hearted, she disconnected from her heart’s art, and plunged into sadness, where she lived up to the day of the session.  The subconscious mind assisted us to access the stored grief in the heart of Valeria.

Then we were able to guide her to repeat the Ho óponopono mantra forgiveness prayer adapted:

I am so deeply and profoundly sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

As she recited the mantra to her broken-heartedness, the inner child appeared to her, as her childhood artist, they played for sometime in the mind of Valeria, she felt light-hearted for the first time in years and begun to sob.

After the session we talked about the session briefly, it was then Valeria remembered the little girl on the train on her way to the session, who was playing hide and seek between the seats of the train and then, gave Valeria a rainbow heart sticker as a gift and smiled and laughed with her. We both realised it was the inner child reaching out, showing us the direction and theme  of the session before hand.  Reconciliation with the heart of the inner child.

The true spirit of an artist doesn’t belong trapped in family issues but to the world of art. If you are trapped in family issues and want to get out.     Give me a call…

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