Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

What personal themes run your life.

I remember I sensed from the very first moment when Rayanne and I talked I knew that the session would have been valuable activation and an opening of the way for her.

Rayanne, a nice bubbly young lady who wanted to find out the deeper meaning of life. The two consistent theme running through her life was, Rayanne felt she was constantly waiting for something in her life, but she didn’t know what. Second; she suffered a polycystic ovary condition.

Rayanne is one of those rare clients that is very fluid in consciousness; she steps into the dimension of the inner world using hypnosis immersing herself in pure spirit sharing her rich experience.

Rayanne followed instructions easily hence, I asked Rayanne to go to her sacred place. She found herself in a marble room with no roof where she could see the sky and the Heavens. I asked Rayanne to look down at her feet: ‘I am standing inside an angel’ she said, to me when I asked her to describe the experience ‘the being is transparent yet has colour, it’s a gigantic me and I am standing inside it’. Gasping in awe.  She instinctively knew how to access the Akashic records: it was easy going to places in her timeline where she needed to heal aspects of her damaged self.  Rayanne re-experienced her birth to heal birth trauma also, exploring past lives, she accessed two lives where the original problems were created and healed. Connecting with her star-seed origins, she recognized herself as spiritually mature is consciousness. This experience was so profound that Rayanne could go to the place instantly, read the situation and resolve it through self-understanding.

Rayanne self-realized that many of the issues she thought were important in her current life became actually redundant. She gazed down her arms. Oh! my hands are so perfect.. It’s like I am in a transparent cocoon of light and that light is me”. Rayanne continued to talk profoundly through-out her session.   Just having this moment with her higher-self was so magical for her that she was eager to ask all the question she could think of. We found out several important themes for Rayanne: first of all, the issue of waiting.

We explored a life where she lived as a monk: it was 352 AD and was disappointed living life as a monk, anxiously waiting for an event to happen in his lifetime. (The monk regretted that he gave up his life waiting for God, while he could have a wife, and family). He died waiting for an event that never happened for his entire life and he died alone. The sadness from the monk’s life was the one that Rayanne was still holding onto.

The second issue, the polycystic ovary was related to another past life, where the Rayanne was a pregnant servant girl called Mary. We were in the 13th century where the master of the house took the baby away from Mary and father. Mary never forgave herself for feeling helpless and she never forgave the master for taking the baby and held the anger in her ovaries and womb. We did some intensive work on both lives, using the forgiveness prayer. We discovered that

Rayanne’s role is to bring down to earth an immense vibration and embed it in the earth. it was about her presence and her essence to contribute to the healing of mother earth.

Are you aware of your purpose in life?

Do you want to find out what blocking that purpose?

Let’s find it out together.


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