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Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

How Hypnotherapy Treats Issues


Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them“. We create many of our issues on a conscious level: usually, we start using only 10% of the original trauma then, we add the conclusion we made about ourselves in the experience. Hypnotherapy helps us to access the subconscious mind, 100% of the individual’s mind, therefore, it is holistic and drug free.

Hypnotherapy goes well beyond treating the symptoms: it goes to the root of the cause.

People often have unfinished business with their past; whether it’s a job, a love relationship or family issues. Contained in the unfinished business, there are also unresolved aspects of the person’s feelings, such as: anger, blame, rejection jealousy, guilt. All of them are unprocessed and stored in the body as cellular memory.  Unresolved business the memory becomes deeply buried in numbness, addictive behaviour or even depression. left unexplored, these feelings will recycle as self-sabotaging thoughts, attitudes and behaviours.

Clinical hypnotherapy addresses the underlying causes and upgrades the energy of the issue. The technique accesses the deepest level of memory stored as emotions in the subconscious mind. In each session of clinical hypnotherapy, the fearful relationship of the issue is gently replaced by positive suggestion and affirmation. Once the thought and the feeling about the negative experience have been removed, the mind will automatically self-restore.

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