Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Are you still trying to change your partner?


We cannot go into a relationship waiting for someone to change for the better. When we do that, we are actually causing our own suffering. We all know that it’s really hard not to be frustrated at our partner’s negative traits, in particular when we can clearly see how if they could just change small things, then their lives be so much better and our happiness will come so much easier.

Sometimes, we feel like we are improving but our partner isn’t at all. It is up to us to decide if we want to be with this person, and not to stubbornly want a relationship that depends so heavily on someone changing. It is always possible for someone to change, but it is impossible for us to change someone.

People change on their own when they embrace a belief or action and they can see themselves that it is beneficial to their life. People won’t change when it’s to make their partner happy or for the sake of the relationship – they will only tolerate and pretend, and that causes resentment that eats away at the love. We don’t want people imposing their beliefs on us, so why would we want to do that to other people?

Being a patient person is very different from patiently waiting for someone to change. It is when we focus on working on ourselves that it inspires people to be better, especially our partner. When we are happy with ourselves, in our own lives and our skin, we can be happy in a relationship because we don’t need to depend on others to fill the gaps in our lives. Work on changing yourself and if you do not know how to achieve that hypnosis can really help you.

Sometimes the answer is in front of us but we don’t know how to read it. Please do get it touch and let’s face this situation together.

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