Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

What do you know about IPTs?

An Intergenerational psychic trauma (IPT) in the family tree can move from one generation to the next one.

I do understand that this may sound dramatic, however, do not worry, I also have a good news: IPTs can be healed or resolved.

Intergenerational Psychological Trauma is a type of damage that occurs as a result of a distressing event. The trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved with that experience. Trauma may result from a single distressing experience or recurring events of being overwhelmed that can be precipitated in weeks, years, decades or even past lives as the person-soul struggles to cope with the immediate circumstances, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences for the current generation and if not dealt with the energy is transmitted the next generation.

IPTs is unconscious psychic energy hence, not easy to be traced. The first step is to identify patterns of illness in the family line. For example, in my family – mother’s line – all my aunts suffered from fibroids. 70% of female members of my family experienced the agony of a fibroid operation, before the age of 42 and so did I.

 Something that often happens is to be an individual is charged by the forces of the elders in the family tree with the task of cleaning up the psychic trauma, so the ancestral line can evolve. This can be discovered during a session.

Mark Wolynn is the author of the fascinating new book “It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle”. Mark talks about the phenomena of inherited psychological triggers that affected him as a child and his mother as a child and the compulsion to act out the scenario of loss from a previous generation energy.

Typically, unresolved traumas active within the family members are the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: they become a stigmatised (for example mental illness) denied by the family members in the past. The family member of the next generation will suffer that psychic energy that is repressed. This life can be the opportunity to deal with it without the stigma.

The transmission to the preceding generation will either empower them to deal with the trauma without burying it or affecting their life dramatically. The mindful choice of dealing with the IPT will bring the full tragic story to the light of day through self-help or getting help with the issue from a professional therapist.

As a psychic-historian practitioner, I work on a daily basis with the transmission of past generation emotional ties and I follow the trail of how they manifest into the current generation in dreams. Also, having a real life connection to a certain family member without knowing why or hearing stories told by grandparents can also be an indicator of a potential IPT. 

Let me give you a clue on how this can manifest. Thirty years ago, my aunt told me a story of my grandmother who used to gather her six daughters including my aunt and telling them: ‘When you will get married make sure the men you choose is local, hence, you don’t have to travel that far to visit me.” I still remember the sound the voice of my aunt telling me this story and the feeling of it: shivers run down my spine. All the men I had dated up to that age were all local living in the same street, around the corner or less than a mile away from me. Even if I met them abroad they would have some connection to my area of Clapham in London, UK.

How do we discharge the pain? One of the ways is to talk about the family hidden drama, rather than hide your head under the sand. 

Once the link is made the cycle can be broken hence, the dysfunctional behaviours being acknowledged.

If you need help with Identifying and resolving intergenerational patterns exist in your family. Please send me an email through my website.

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