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Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Grow From Past life Blocks

On a daily basis, our relationships with others give us the opportunity to choose different ways to react to experiences ourselves in life. Resolving and letting go of unhelpful patterns in a relationship requires constant processing of self and be willing to integrate one’s own patterns in a way that involves compassionate forgiveness. If the repetitive behavior persists, to evolve out of the deeper core issues will take some time or professional assistance, this may indicate roots in past life circumstances. Once freed from the mental and emotional block, other choices become available. Past life Therapy is able to bring up such blocks and integrate and use the wisdom to move forward.

‘Constant cognitive reframing and the working through encrusted emotional patterns by such techniques as forgiveness loosen up old energy field and prepare them for transformation into a different pattern, much like a kaleidoscope shift into new patterns when it is turned…bringing outer behavior into congruence with new inner perception and patterns’.             

WB Lucas, Regression Therapy A Handbook For Professionals Vol I:

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