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Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Affirming work after your session

Past life session advice on behavioural modification is given is usually given by the higher self or guides, the information is used to bring the client into congruence with the shift that has already occurred within the session.  The information provided by the subconscious mind will go beyond the self-installed psychological defenses to avoid change, allowing the client to come into the present moment of the problem with new insights.  If the information change given in the session is not integrated and actioned by the client, the new awareness sinks back into the unconscious un-actioned.  If the information is not provided by an inner source there are many tools to assist a client to move into a self-help relationship with their lives, after their session. One such tool is the use of affirmations. Emotional Freedom Technique is one of my favourite, often called Tapping, using the fingers the individual taps on the acupuncture meridians, that run throughout the body using positive statements, that challenge and overcome self-sabotage programs. It is easy to use and takes on average five-ten minutes a day.

Affirmation are most effective when the subconscious mind is cleared of old self-sabotage scripts or programmes, rooted in past life exploration sessions. “The will is developed through the use of affirmations although, affirming, what we want is often futile because of the plethora of unconscious patterns that sabotage such effort, when patterns are loosened up in a therapeutic session so that they no longer interfere.” With client life and the develpment of the Soul.   W. Lucas PhD.

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