Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

Unconscious blocks to change

The assumption from many clients when seeking a past life session is that they can contact the deeper levels of selves, guides and other members of the spirit world with ease, this is true for a large percentage of clients, however, there is a small percentage for varied reasons the connection may not happen so smoothly.

The experienced practitioner who has done extensive personal work on their shadow, these client block, serves as a catalyst to deepen the practice and for the client a breakthrough session. A milestone for both.

The energetic blocks brought to the session may not show itself in the interview process but only become apparent in the struggle to reach certain milestones within the session. Blocks come from the soul experience which must be worked through by the personality,

Blocks tend to be energetic residue from entity attached to that life or subpersonalities that have a strong will. Often the challenge shows up for the client to go into hypnosis causing a phenomenon known as leapfrogging from character to character in a totally random way.

This often confuses the client and can take the session in a different direction, if the practitioner is not skilled.   Among other reasons are why a session might not go too smoothly is the need for the client to be in control the session or the fear of losing control in the session which is a basic lack of trust in the process, this should be identified in the interview process and talked through.  Another reason is that the emotional body may need to re-experience an emotional block from current past such as: anger guilt, which remains unprocessed and prevents the client from moving back to the root cause in past life.  High expectation of a miracle session, usually signals they are in a hurry for change without doing the homework needed to facilitate the session for instance: inability to grasp the fundamental personal suffering or struggle. There are some clients who watch movies and videos of other people sessions and decide that they want a session just like another person not really understanding that we are all unique. We are as individual as our fingerprint. These are some of the many reasons.

“The major contribution that a patient makes towards failure in a regression work is a lack of willingness to take responsibility for his life which may overlap with the situations discussed. Whatever the source of his unwillingness, it negates ability to make use of the regression work to bring about change and new growth”. W.Lucas Ph.D

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