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Malvia Kenlock

Malvia Kenlock

To Label or… Not to Label? That is the question.

How do you break out of this kind of situation?

When you’re feeling distant from your partner, it can be really difficult to address the problem. If you’re feeling let down or like they aren’t able to support you, it can feel nerve-wracking to ask them for help to make things better. However, this is usually what it takes to begin to address any issues. 

Before doing any of this one thing that can be useful is giving a label to your feelings. Does any of the above sound familiar in your relationship? Would you describe yourself as feeling ‘lonely’? Being able to put this label on it can be a good way of accepting that there is a problem – that something does need to change. It can also give you a way to describe how you’re feeling when you do begin to talk. After this, it’s a case of having THE conversation with your partner without getting into an argument. 

It can be easy to end up getting emotional and allowing things to spiral into a massive row, but it’s important to try to talk in a way that can lead to an agreement about what you can both do differently. I have a number of tips I recommend people try for having difficult conversations that you might find useful, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.  Many couples find that simply beginning to talk about this is all that’s needed to start making progress towards solving it, hence do not underestimate the importance of this conversation.

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