Do you fly into a rage feeling guilty afterwards?

Research from university of Washington has shown that hypnosis affects the prefrontal cortex and changes the psychological make-up of the brain. Hypnosis shift the angry brain and helps to rewire the subconscious mind with positive programming.

No one can eliminate anger forever. It is very useful when it is time to come to clarity quickly. Also, it is a messenger: probably if you are agry you are in a place where controlling your feeling it may be a problem. The goal is to become calm in the face of anger. 

Client feedback

  • “After my session, the feeling has changed and the reaction-time has slowed down. I couldn’t believe it myself”
  • “Before, dealing with anger was a trouble; with Malvia I learned how to manage my anger in different ways.”
  • “I’m impulsive; always been. Knee jerk reaction to anger has no power; seems basic but ti is amazing learning point.”
  • “I’ve never thought of being a no-self-awareness person. I am always worried about people around me and I try to help them. I’ve never thought that actually my way of supporting them was too direct. Every time I was getting angry and – being a very passionate person – this translated into aggressiveness. Who would have known that” 

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