anxiety and panic attacks

Does your regular panic attacks leave you confused and debilitated?

The mental cycle of anxious-feeling is one of the most terrifying experience. The anxiety manifests itself as rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath shaking uncontrollably. It originates itself though irrational fears, attitudes and thought patterns. It winds you up slowly until it hits its peak inside you.

Client feedback

  • I spent my life dealing with panic attacks. Everything started when I was 6 in school. I can’t believe that I’m 54 and it is only since last year that I decided to contact Malvia and get over it. How am I feeling now? Less drained.
  • I do think.. as everyone right?! Well, I overthink and this is my problem. My panic attacks started a few years ago. Awful experience.
  • What I learnt about myself with Malvia is that I was so busy worrying about all the possible reasons that could have driven me to an anxious state that I was actually the first creating my panic attacks.

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