depression and feelings of guilt

Depression feeling makes you lazy, lethargic or maybe moody ?

Depression is a mental state that can affects you in all areas of your life.
Slowly the mood swings; social events are fewer and fewer and the space for becoming isolated increases. It is hard to realise how you got there, however, your life passes you by.
The medical industry’s response, in most of the cases is pills: only offer short term relief for a complex mental issue, therapy is the best long term solution drugs do not address the symptoms hypnotherapy will address the root causes. Hypnotherapy will rewire the brain and clear the old scripts that drive the subconscious mind. Positive thoughts then can be imprinted on the subconscious using hypnotic tools.

Client feedback

  • I Feel more confident in managing myself, things are not so tense since I started using tools for Self- Hypnosis. I was conscious of the weight gain with some medications. So this was a drug free alternative and it worked. The books Malvia suggested that I read was so helpful

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